About Us

Nestled in the Southern Indian Ocean; carrying the name “Pearl of Indian Ocean”, Sri Lanka or Ceylon is a resplendent island surrounded by beautiful golden beaches and a country side with magnificent mountains. This landscape was the Mother Nature’s gift for our country and home to world renewed lush tea brand, “Ceylon Tea”. Completing more than 150 years now, Sri Lanka had been manufacturing the world’s finest, most luxurious and rare types of tea and boasts to be the world’s largest exporter of tea. Being Sri Lankan it would be ungenerous for us not to share these fascinating products with the rest of the world.

We are dedicated to bring you world famous high quality Ceylon products directly bought from the supplier; varying from Ceylon Tea, Ayurvedic & Herbal Remedies, Ceylon spices, cashew nuts and many more! Our products are in demand by millions of people worldwide, but limited access to these products in a one-stop-shop and expensive import costs creates barriers to buyers. That’s why we put our brains together and decided to bridge this gap to provide you with high quality products at a very reasonable price. Our sole aim is to provide our friends worldwide with high quality Ceylon products at a reasonable price with remarkable, personalized customer service.

With love from our family to yours…..